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News from New Water Innovations

Chemical-Free Bacteria Neutralization and In-Field Testing

A method for improving control of bacterial contamination while reducing operating costs.

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Press Release: HydroFLOW wins 2015 Kitchen Innovation Award

Redmond, WA - HydroFLOW USA is excited to announce that it was recently awarded the prestigious 2015 Kitchen Innovations award by the National Restaurant Association. The Kitchen Innovations Awards recognizes and celebrates cutting-edge equipment and technology that specifically improves the back of the house operations and benefits foodservice operators.

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Biotech Microbial Platform Lands in the Oil Patch

“We have introduced the HydroFLOW for non-chemical bacteria reduction in upstream-water treatment at a reduced cost compared to chemical-based biocides, and the RAPID-B has been ideal for verifying the effectiveness of the HydroFLOW in real time,” according to Brent Mulliniks, President of AES.

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Kitchen Innovations Award Letter

HydroFLOW USA wins the 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association.

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Secondary Disinfection for Swimming

Washington state public pool improves water quality with conditioning system.

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Canine Connection

Veterinary facility rehabs canine therapy pools with new treatment system.

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Scale Reduction Savings

Conditioning system helps apartment complex increase energy efficiency.

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A Solution for Scale Removal

Water conditioners resolve restaurants’ spotty dishes

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Shopping Center Beats Limescale

Extremely hard water caused havoc with the air conditioning at a shopping center in Hungary.

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