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Commercial Case Studies

HydroFLOW Optimizes Steamer Oven's Maintenance Program

Conclusions of this study:

  • At each monthly inspection, there was dramatically less scale accumulation in the HydroFLOW treated steamer oven.
  • HydroFLOW reduced maintenance costs by 75% - cleaning is now performed every 4 weeks, instead of every week.
  • Chemical savings alone provided a return on investment of less than a year.
  • Chemical and labor savings provided a return on investment of less than 6 months.
  • As a result of lessened chemical cleaning, the life cycle of the steamer oven is expected to extend significantly.

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HydroFLOW Non-Chemical Cooling Tower Treatment Conclusion

On Saturday July 18th, Senior Airman Buckanan and Airman Payne accompanied Richard Cundari in the cleaning and review process on cooling tower 11. Cooling tower 11 has been used to conduct a 6 month test to verify HydroFLOW non-chemical cooling tower treatment claims during the hot summer months.

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HydroFLOW Reduces Algae Growth in Vineyard Irrigation Pond

Conclusions of this study: HydroFLOW retained algae growth within desired levels.

  • Compared to the Copper Sulfate and Tilapia fish algae treatment methods, the bacteria and algae CFU counts in the HydroFLOW treated pond were over 90% lower.
  • Savings associated with lessened chemical usage, reduced backwash and reduced maintenance costs resulted in an estimated 1.5 year return on investment.

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Residential Tower Scale Control

"Much to the surprise and pleasure of everyone, the boiler tubes were found to be absolutely scale free. Not only had the HydroFLOW units prevented any scale from accumulating, but had actually reversed the scale that had built up prior to their installation."

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Cooling Tower Case Study

Electronic Water Conditioning Allows for Substantial Savings in Commercial Building
A Fortune 100 headquarters, located in Houston, TX was certified LEED Gold in 2008. While continued efforts have been made each year to improve energy and water efficiencies, the company still identified the need for its cooling system to improve water conservation, as well as energy savings and chemicals reduction. HydroFLOW electronic water conditioning was the recommended solution for achieving these additional savings. HydroTech Solutions, the HydroFLOW distributor in Texas and Oklahoma, provided a 90-day demonstration, beginning April 26, 2016.

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Wastewater Polymer Reduction and Struvite Control in Centrifuge Dewatering

"During six testing sequences, the HydroFLOW devices reduced polymer use from an average of 25.5 to 19.1 pounds per ton (25.1% reduction), increased cake solids by up to 3% TS and kept centrate quality within testing limits of less than 1,000 mg TSS/L."

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Indian Hospital Case Study on a Steamer

Facilities Supervisor: “It is unbelievable that it works so good”

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600 and 700 HP Steam Boilers

Maintenance Supervisor “I’m very pleased with HydroFlow’s results instead of dreading it, I’m actually looking forward to the next inspection”

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Marriott Hotel Cooling Tower

Cooling tower reduction of blow down water usage 50%.

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Sunrise Hospital

Project management: "HydroFLOW helped us reduce water use chemical consumption and maintenance."

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City of Orlando Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plant Manager: “I would recommend the installation of this of this unit. It will pay for itself in a short period of time, labor and polymers savings”.

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D. Brian's Restaurant Dishwasher

From Owner “I would recommend Hydroflow to anyone looking for a solution to hard water scale problems."

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Small Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Savings due to lessened maintenance and lessened damage to the membranes is roughly $8,000 per 18 months.

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Bio Kill – Hydro Treadmill Therapy Pool

I was happy to see that during the Hydroflow system test we were able to reduce our chemical load by up to 50% and shut off our Copper sanitation system with no negative effects seen in our water balance and with no increase in bacterial growth.

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Final Aquavet Report

We may conclude that Hydroflow water disinfection system was very effective in preventing transmission of Bacterial, Parasitic and Mycotic infection in a re-circulated experimental system during 90 days of observation.

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Office Building Cooling Tower

"Approximately 90% of the biological growth was eradicated without the use of incremental chemicals."

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Food Processing Cooling Tower

"With HydroFLOW, my cooling tower is much cleaner than it was with chemicals."

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Commercial Cooling Tower

"Limescale stopped accumulating as soon as the HydroFLOW device was turned on."

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Commercial Dishwasher

"Limescale immediately stopped accumulating on the faucet heads and inside the dishwashers."

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Steam Boilers

"Significantly reduce limescale and corrosion accumulation in our steam boilers."

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Commercial Pool and Boiler

"There is no doubt that HydroFLOW has the most viable solution to hard water and scaling problems within a water system."

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Residential Complex

"The units have now been installed and operational for the last 8 months, and upon inspection, are limescale free."

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Tankless Boiler

"HydroFLOW was effective even in very hard water conditions, and kept the pipes completely clear."

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Residential Dishwasher

"We recommend the S38 water conditioner for treating limescale related problems in residential and small commercial properties."

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Water Heater and Pump

"Upon opening up the pumps, we found no scale. The water heaters, hoses and fixtures look the best that they have ever looked! Now that we're convinced Hydropath technology works to prevent scale accumulation, we intend to install HydroFLOW devices in our other manufacturing facilities."

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Wastewater Ammonia Stripper

"We are very happy with the results that we have seen from the HydroFLOW water conditioner. The wastewater process continues uninterrupted thus no longer risking a shutdown to the manufacturing process."

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Federal Correction Institution

"The HydroFLOW 100 Water Conditioner is having a positive impact on the water quality issue, removing not only calcium and corrosion but also prohibiting the ability for bacteria to grow in the water column."

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Industrial Hot Water Heaters

"The maintenance staff stated that they never saw bare tubes in the water heaters prior to the installation of the water conditioner."

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Booster Engines

"Hydropath technology works as expected."

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Paper Mill Bleach Plant

"Hydropath Technology can be recommended as a chemical-free method of treating limescale related problems at a paper mill bleach plant."

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Steel Manufacturing

"Corrosion rate results are improving with time due to the performance of HydroFLOW technology."

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Paper Mill Liquor Lines

"The water conditioners have a positive effect on heat exchanger performance by breaking-up the scale deposits on the internal tubes thus increasing heat transfer efficiency."

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Boiler and Evaporative Cooler

"On looking into the heat exchanger, Chris's first words were "Wow". The boiler tubes looked absolutely new."

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Commercial Dishwasher

"Maintenance person came to us in March 12, 2012 and thanked us for the solution supplied, because he no longer had to scrub the inside of the dishwasher, which was an unpleasant job with no reward."

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Industrial Heat Exchanger

"Hydroflow devices act dramatically on existing scale in heat exchangers and pipes and that they prevent the formation of new scale."

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"No use of chemicals or other technology except Hydropath."

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Heathrow Airport

"After 3 months we dismantled the calorifiers and found that they were free from scale."

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Hilton Hotel Commercial Ice Machine

"We are pleased with the Hydro flow system and especially recommend its use to ice machines."

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Commercial Building Cooling Tower

"Biocide chemical was reduced by 85% and bacteria levels reduced from 100,000 CFU to 1,000 CFU."

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Gas Station - Convenience Store - Fast Food Restaurant - Car Wash

"HydroFLOW water conditioners can remedy the limescale and biological growth problems."

Melting Pot - a Fondue Restaurant

Our investment in the HydroFLOW S38 was less than $1000 which we expect to save in just over 14 months by not using a water softener. Not only will we save money but we will also reduce our water usage.

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Central Iowa KFC

It is apparent that the units will pay for themselves in as little as 12 months.

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Wendy's Restaurant, St. Roberts, MO

“I would have expected much more scale normally and it would have been very hard. To clean it would have involved scrapping the scale off. Today it is just mushy and easily wiped off.”

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