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HydroFLOW 's Prestigious Award

Media Contact: Amy Patrick, 425-497-3900, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

September 7, 2017
HydroFLOW USA to Receive Prestigious Water Award
HydroFLOW USA of Redmond, WA, will receive the prestigious Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation (WEF), an international not-for-profit technical and educational water quality organization. 

The Innovative Technology Award recognizes WEF Associate Members who have introduced new innovative products or services related to the construction, operation or maintenance of treatment facilities.

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HydroFLOW 2017 Award

Media Contact: Amy Patrick, 425-497-3900, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. September 7, 2017
HydroFLOW USA to Receive Prestigious Water Award
HydroFLOW USA of Redmond, WA, will receive the prestigious Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation (WEF), an international not-for-profit technical and educational water quality organization.

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Conditioners replaces water softeners

Conditioners replace water softeners
Posted: Sunday, September 6, 2015 6:00 am
Audrey Jenkins/For The New Mexican | 0 comments

Physical water conditioners are devices that prevent the build-up of hard limescale in a non-chemical manner. They achieve this by influencing the dissolved minerals, calcium and magnesium in a way that prevents them from forming scale (calcium carbonate) in your water pipes, heaters, and appliances. Physical water conditioners work in your water with varying degrees of success, based on many factors including water flow, hardness, operating temperatures, and water chemistry. The following information presents a sense of available water-treatment technologies and their advantages, as well as their shortcomings.
Magnets and Electromagnets These were the first physical water conditioners that appeared after the discovery that water flowing over magnetic rock did not build up scale. These can appear in the form of permanent magnets or electromagnets. The drawback here is that water must be moving for the magnets to be effective — essentially requiring that your water is flowing constantly. This is never the case in residential use. More importantly, there is no reliable scientific evidence to prove that the claimed benefits are actually produced.

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Advanced Water Technology Roundtable

MAY 02, 2016
Udall Launches Water Technology
Innovation Initiative with Roundtable
Discussion Featuring Sandia Labs
Researchers, Water Tech Leaders, Local
Focus on developing water efficiency technology
could help NM turn challenge into strength and
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall initiated the first of several
conversations he will hold about how he can help stimulate new jobs by supporting
cutting-edge technologies that save water, energy and money for businesses and

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Public Land use and renewable energy with Senator Martin Heinrich

Elected in 2012, Martin Heinrich is a United States Senator for New Mexico. Heinrich serves on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources, Armed Services, and Intelligence Committees. He is the Ranking Member of the Joint Economic Committee and the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities.

With a background in engineering, Heinrich brings a unique perspective to the Senate, where he is focused on creating the jobs of the future and protecting the vital missions at New Mexico's national labs and military installations. He is a strong advocate for working families, a staunch ally of Indian Country, and a champion for New Mexico's public lands and growing clean energy economy.  

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New Report Finds Tap Water Contaminants in Every State

New Report Finds Tap Water Contaminants in Every State
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), nearly 77 million people in the United States were served by water systems with violations of the Safe Water Drinking Act. This post from the NRDC states directly in its very first sentence: “America has a drinking water crisis.” That was written in response to a study conducted by the organization that found more than 80,000 reported violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act by community water systems in 2015.
The Safe Drinking Water Act is a law established in 1974 that protects drinking water supplies throughout the nation. The NRDC analysis found violations of this law across the country in every state—with the most offenses coming from Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia.
In this Water Quality Products article, Erik Olson, NRDC health program director, notes two key challenges America is facing when it comes to maintaining safe drinking water:
“The problem is two-fold: there’s no cop on the beat enforcing our drinking water laws, and we’re living on borrowed time with our ancient, deteriorating water infrastructure. We take it for granted that when we turn on our kitchen tap, the water will be safe and healthy, but we have a long way to go before that is reality across our country.”

Legionella Control with Efficient Water Conditioning

Early Spring is a good time for facility operators to prepare their building water systems for the warm months ahead, and to consider safe and sustainable ways to prevent legionella, which forms in numerous water systems besides cooling towers. Legionella is not a new strain of bacteria, but with continuous improvements in the efficiencies of systems and building practices, these bacteria could be more difficult to control in some areas that chemicals have difficulty reaching. HydroTech Solutions is a distributor of HydroFLOW that provides electronic water conditioning to control bacteria, scale, and corrosion in water systems. HydroFLOW controls Legionella and algae in cooling towers, potable water systems, and water heaters with a frequency that extends throughout a water system.

Chemicals should be used in water systems according to regulations, and when used with HydroFLOW the volume of chemical use is reduced between 50%-75%, and water purging/ blowdown is decreased by more than 50% in most cases. HydroFLOW reduces chemicals, water, and energy use as a sustainable water management technology for water systems of any size.

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The National Restaurant awards HydroFLOW



June 25, 2015 00:00 ET

HydroFLOW USA Wins 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award

REDMOND, WA--(Marketwired - June 25, 2015) - HydroFLOW USA is excited to announce that it was recently awarded the prestigious 2015 Kitchen Innovations award by the National Restaurant Association. The Kitchen Innovations Awards recognizes and celebrates cutting-edge equipment and technology that specifically improves the back of the house operations and benefits foodservice operators.

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Water is Scarce

Alarms are sounding all around the southwest

Water is scarce.

Municipal government's knee-jerk response is to ask everyone to save wter in their homes. Necessary, of course, but modestly effective since these are essentially voluntary efforts.

Technology seems to be completely ignored.

There are stunning technologies that can save huge amounts of water; technologies that have been in common use for years in parts of the world who have acknowledged and dealt with water scarcity.

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Healthy Pools and Spa's

Offensive chlorine smell, foggy water, algae problems and mineral build-up can lead to high maintenance fees. If your pool or spa suffers from any of these problems, we have the answer... HydroFLOW is an environmentally friendly, non-invasive, easy-to-install solution that will greatly reduce the time and money you normally invest in pool and spa maintenance. Using a 150 KHz sign wave to propagate a decaying signal into the water. This sign wave will charge the negative and positive ion of calcium and magnesium in the water and they will cluster in suspension not on the walls of your pool. The HydroFLOW water treatment system disinfects de-alkalizes and conditions water without the use of costly chemicals. Fine particles in the water flock together, and are filtered or flushed out of the system. Bacteria and algae control for pools & hot tubs The HydroFLOW system helps municipal pools save money by reducing the need for expensive chemical treatments to combat algae and bacteria. Algae buildup is a costly problem, requiring expensive clean-up programs and creating high operational costs in recreational and residential swimming pools, spas, water features. HydroFLOW can reduce operational costs and extend the life of your equipment. This is a healthy solution for your clients, children and family. Here are some of the things that HydroFLOW will provide…

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Iron and Sulfur Bacteria Issues

Iron Bacteria
Iron bacteria are generally more common than sulfur bacteria because iron is abundant in ground water. Iron bacteria are oxidizing agents and combine iron or manganese dissolved in ground water with oxygen. A side effect of the process is a foul smelling brown slime that can cause unpleasant odors, corrode plumbing equipment and fixtures,
and clog well screens and pipes. If conditions are light, the bacteria can grow at amazing rates, rendering an entire well system useless in just a few months. Signs that may indicate an iron bacteria problem include yellow-, red- or orange-colored water; rusty  slime deposits in toilet tanks; and strange smells resembling fuel oil, cucumbers, or sewage. Sometimes the odor will only be apparent in the morning or after other extended periods of non-use.

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What does hard water do to our homes...

What does hard water do to our homes…

1.Unsightly white scale on tub, faucets, sinks and countertops
2.Decreased water flow efficiency throughout the entire house
3.Increased of possibility issues in plumbing and drain pipes
4.Water flow blockage for faucets, showerheads & refrigerator ice-makers
5.Reduced energy efficiency & service life of dishwashers, washing machines and water 

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