Phyn Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff

Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant and Shutoff
The Most Accurate Leak Detection Solution

Auto Shutoff Mitigates Damage

With Phyn Plus’ built-in shutoff valve, you can remotely turn off the water, and Phyn Plus can turn your water off automatically in the event of a leak.

Plumbing Checks – Keep Your Home Water Tight

Phyn Plus smart water assistant runs daily tests to give you the tools to get more life out of your plumbing. Diagnostic Plumbing Checks uncover hidden drip and pinhole leaks before they become a big problem.

Remote Shutoff – Turn Off Your Tap With a Tap

The Phyn app lets you shut off your water from anywhere giving you peace of mind if there’s a leak when you’re away from home. The Phyn will alert you if there is a problem and then shut off water flow before any significant damage occurs.

Get Alerted to Leaks

Real-time SMS and push notifications alert you the moment a leak is discovered, and give you the power to turn off your water remotely using the Phyn app.

Monitor Multiple Properties

Keep an eye on the water in your vacation home, second home or rental property. Remotely monitor leaks and control the shutoff in up to six properties in the Phyn app.

Unparalleled Water Insights

Get the information you need to make better choices about your water use. Spot usage trends and see how much water your irrigation, showers, washing machine, sinks and more are using.

Frozen Pipe Detection

Phyn’s patented pressure sensing notices ice crystals forming in your pipes before they have a chance to freeze and burst, giving you precious time to take action and avoid damage.

Installation Adapters Available

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