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Our water blog provides articles and information relating to water quality in your home and the effects of healthy water on our bodies and lives.


Water is scarce

Alarms are sounding all around the Southwest — water is scarce! Municipal government’s knee-jerk response is to ask everyone to save water in their homes. Necessary, of course, but modestly effective since these are essentially voluntary efforts. Technology seems to be completely ignored. There are stunning technologies that can save huge amounts of water; technologiesContinue reading “Water is scarce”

Healthy Pools and Spas

Offensive chlorine smell, foggy water, algae problems and mineral build-up can lead to high maintenance fees. If your pool or spa suffers from any of these problems, we have the answer. HydroFLOW is an environmentally friendly, non-invasive, easy-to-install solution that will greatly reduce the time and money you normally invest in pool and spa maintenance.Continue reading “Healthy Pools and Spas”

Iron and sulfur bacteria issues

Iron Bacteria Iron bacteria are generally more common than sulfur bacteria because iron is abundant in ground water. Iron bacteria are oxidizing agents and combine iron or manganese dissolved in ground water with oxygen. A side effect of the process is a foul smelling brown slime that can cause unpleasant odors, corrode plumbing equipment andContinue reading “Iron and sulfur bacteria issues”

What does hard water do to our homes?

What does hard water do to our homes… Unsightly white scale on tub, faucets, sinks and countertops Decreased water flow efficiency throughout the entire house Increased possibility of issues in plumbing and drain pipes Water flow blockage for faucets, shower heads and refrigerator ice-makers Reduced energy efficiency and service life of dishwashers, washing machines andContinue reading “What does hard water do to our homes?”

Not all carbon is created equal

By “medical grade” carbon, New Water Innovations is acknowledging there are different grades of carbon used in filtration. Typical whole house systems use an 8-30 mesh activated carbon. Carbon that is used in “dialysis” uses 20-40 mesh, which is more expensive and effective. NWI uses the 20-40 mesh carbon used in dialysis (i.e. medical grade).Continue reading “Not all carbon is created equal”

The Effect of Hydropath Technology on Silicates

This is a brief description on the effect that Hydroflow has on Silicates, and in particular the difference between this and the effect on calcium carbonate. To summarize, Hydroflow will prevent both new Calcium Carbonate scale from forming on the pipe, and also remove existing Calcium Carbonate scale. Hydroflow will also prevent Silicate-based scale fromContinue reading “The Effect of Hydropath Technology on Silicates”

Steamy bath or shower?

How wonderful to step into a refreshing hot, steamy bath or shower, where we get to relax and unwind from the stress of the day. Most of us perform this ritual on a daily basis without a thought about what we are bathing in. Is there something to be concerned about?  The answer, unfortunately, isContinue reading “Steamy bath or shower?”

Santa Fe’s water

Water, one of Santa Fe’s most precious natural resources, is also one of its leading environmental issues. In Santa Fe, as public awareness of the importance of protecting Santa Fe’s water aquifers increases, so too does the realization that many of the “accepted standard practices” of the past are no longer appropriate to conserve andContinue reading “Santa Fe’s water”

Conditioners replace water softeners

Physical water conditioners are devices that prevent the build-up of hard limescale in a non-chemical manner. They achieve this by influencing the dissolved minerals, calcium and magnesium in a way that prevents them from forming scale (calcium carbonate) in your water pipes, heaters, and appliances. Physical water conditioners work in your water with varying degreesContinue reading “Conditioners replace water softeners”

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