Possible Water Damage Averted From Too High Water Pressure

When normal water pressure into your home is between 40-60 psi and yours escalates to 103, what do you do? It happened to me recently and I was glad I had the tools to mitigate a disaster. While at work I received an alert on my phone and contacted my plumber. He knows I just had wood floors installed and told me to immediately shut off the water coming into the home. I simply pressed a button on my PhynPlus app and the water was shut off. If I hadn’t received an alert, pipes may have burst and caused damage. A woman across the street from me had a toilet hose blow off at 2:00 in the morning. 

In addition to PhynPlus alerting of danger and giving its users the ability to shut off water immediately, no matter where you are, the presence of a water pressure regulator is important. Sometimes called a pressure-reducing valve, it reduces water pressure coming into the home to a safe level before it reaches any plumbing fixtures. Learn more at SantaFeWater.net/smart-water-assistant-shutoff/