Whole Home Filtration

Whole home water filtration ideal for single family homes

The Professional’s #1 Choice in Whole Home Water Filtration

— Ideal For Single Family Homes —

GAC 1354 WH 8000

2.5 cubic feet of the highest grade of carbon sold in the USA.

When filtering out contaminants, contact time matters.

10 – 15 years of No Maintenance!

The GAC-1354-WH8000 is superior to other whole house systems due to New Water Innovations’ use of only high mesh medical grade granular activated carbon for exceptional filtration and longer carbon life. The Clack high reliability valve coupled with the easy flowing Vortech media tank requiring up to 30% less backwash water as compared to standard tanks using gravel underbeds.

Water Contaminants that will be Removed by Carbon Filtration

What are the Features and Benefits?

The Standard in Central Water

The GAC-1354 sets the standard in ‘whole house’ filtration designed to filter all your water throughout the home.

Healthier Home & Lifestyle

The GAC-1354 protects you and your family by safely removing chlorine and chemicals resulting in healthier water for skin, hair and body.

Easy to Install & Use

Installs easily at the main water supply to your home. Maintenance-free for up to 15 years.

The Highest Quality Available

Sixty-five pounds of medical high-grade granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration media removes chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, lead, THM’s and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) creating a healthy environment and improving the taste, clarity and odor of all your water. In use worldwide by children’s hospitals, medical centers, health and fitness centers, luxury hotels and personal homes.

Environmentally-Friendly & Cost Effective

The GAC-1354 series is the environmentally-friendly, maintenance-free choice to filter your water — no salts, no chemicals, no corrosive softeners, no brine discharge, no gimmicks. The tank and parts are recyclable and the filtration media is biodegradable. The advanced digital valve head requires an ordinary electric outlet and consumes only the power of a doorbell.

Protect Your Home & Appliances

The GAC-1354 series filtration products protect all of your kitchen and bath products and appliances from the ravages of chlorine, chloramines, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which harm fixtures, finishes, surfaces, connections, internal parts — and you!