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Audrey Jenkins, owner of New Water Innovations

NEW WATER INNOVATIONS  is a Northern New Mexico Woman Owned Business whose focus is on Technologies that will save and improve the quality of water.  Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent customer service and water filtration solutions that will ensure the highest quality water at a fair and reasonable price. Our informed staff will listen to your needs and provide you with solutions and benefits that will solve your water issues. NWI will sell no more or no less than what will address your water concerns.

Founder, Audrey Jenkins, has a history in water treatment that goes back 25 years.  In 2011 we were given the exclusive distributorship in New Mexico and Arizona for HydroFLOW, a water conditioning product that deals with hard water scale in both residential and commercial/industrial applications.  This includes commercial cooling towers where HydroFLOW offers a tremendous amount of water savings and in copper/gold/silver mining where they have to deal with significant scale problems.  Trane Corporation, a commercial air conditioning equipment manufacturer, now uses HydroFLOW to keep their equipment at maximum efficiency for energy savings while eliminating the need for caustic chemicals.  If you have lime-scale buildup issues, HydroFLOW is the proven salt/chemical free solution.

We research proven, state-of-the-art technologies that will eliminate chemicals and wasted water with little or no maintenance. We provide sustainable technologies in water filtration solutions that are the most efficient and healthy products on the market today. 

Our service to our customer goes well beyond the sale. This includes ongoing filter replacement and service reminders for your peace of mind.

Why New Water Innovations?

  • The systems we represent are designed to last.
  • We specialize in residential and commercial water issues.
  • When you purchase water treatment solutions from us, and you provide your contact information, we will email you a reminder that it is time to change your filters or media.
  • Our most popular filters are in stock for easy pickup.
  • On well water, New Water Innovations experts will review your comprehensive water test to address what is needed to assist your water issues.
  • Appointments are available at our office to offer a complete understanding in solving your water problems.
  • We are reliable and passionate about what we represent.
  • No hard-sell tactics.
  • We are here for you before and after the sale.
  • We represent products that protect the health of our clients while protecting the environment.
  • Our products are verified to meet all recommended standards.

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