Steamy bath or shower?

How wonderful to step into a refreshing hot, steamy bath or shower, where we get to relax and unwind from the stress of the day. Most of us perform this ritual on a daily basis without a thought about what we are bathing in. Is there something to be concerned about?  The answer, unfortunately, is YES,  if we are showering in Santa Fe’s water—or  any other municipal water for that matter.

It may be wise to take a closer look. Municipal water is treated to protect us from bacteria and make it safe to drink; however, most of us wouldn’t dream of drinking unfiltered tap water. So if we don’t want to drink unfiltered water, maybe we’d be better off not bathing in it either. Many of the chemicals used to treat municipal water are, in fact, known carcinogens. The water we bathe in DOES affect our health.

Our skin is our largest organ: Whatever it comes into contact with will be absorbed. Worse, when water is heated—as it is when we bathe—90% of the chemicals in it turn to steam, which we breathe in. These vapors go directly into our blood stream. Exposure to chlorine through inhalation and skin absorption has been directly related to many health issues.

What is the solution? Believe it or not, installing a whole-house filter for the removal of chlorine and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Contaminants) can be less expensive than filtering your drinking water. Our whole-house system requires no maintenance for 10 -15 years (using Santa Fe’s water). Do the math: How much do we spend on bottled water and filters each year? Multiply that by 10 years and compare prices.

Filtering ALL the water in your home makes sense.  You deserve to drink and bathe in clean, healthy,  chemical-free water.

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