Santa Fe’s water

Water, one of Santa Fe’s most precious natural resources, is also one of its leading environmental issues. In Santa Fe, as public awareness of the importance of protecting Santa Fe’s water aquifers increases, so too does the realization that many of the “accepted standard practices” of the past are no longer appropriate to conserve and protect water for the future.

One example of these outdated practices is the salt water softener, for years the accepted standard for treating hard water. High chlorides are now appearing in Santa Fe’s ground water as a result of the salt softener brine discharge. Where salt contaminated ground water is used for crop irrigation, salt softeners are being banned for the negative impact they have on our water tables. Fortunately, advances in water treatment technologies continue to be made giving us many environmentally safe alternatives.

There are now environmentally acceptable solutions to the many water quality issues that face Santa Fe’s residents today. New Water Innovations is at the forefront of providing economical and effective solutions to all clients who care not only about the quality of their water, but about the environment as well.

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