Everything we wanted, chemical & maintenance free

“As a long term user of the Environmental Water System, I highly recommend it. My wife and I were looking for a water treatment system for our home. We have four primary considerations:

1 – Great tasting, healthy water.
2 – The elimination of chlorine in our drinking and bathing water.
3 – Something to deal with the hardness and resulting esthetic and destructive issues.
4 – An environmentally appropriate system.

We found the EWS system gave us everything we wanted and additionally was chemical and maintenance free. Since then, we have built two homes, and in both cases installed the EWS water system. In this point it is fair to say we have been spoiled and wouldn’t consider living without an EWS system. We have great tasting water throughout our home, still rich in health essential minerals, all maintenance free. We wouldn’t be without it.”

— David Berardinelli

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