Top notch customer service!

“I purchased the S38 unit around 4 years ago and it worked amazingly well. I was at the point where I was going to have to replace the water heater in my home but after 3 months of running your unit, I was able to easily flush out the heater (something that was impossible to do prior to that). Hard water stains and buildup on the fixtures went away as well. I installed a new evaporative cooler and after one year of use there were no signs of buildup or scaling.

HydroFLOW has top notch customer service! I recently had a warranty-related issue with my S38, so I contacted HydroFLOW’s customer support department, who resolved the problem quickly and efficiently. I cannot think of another company that provides this level of customer service.

I have several friends who bought the S38 after I told them the success stories that I had, and they are happy with the performance. I will continue to use your product and would recommend it to anyone who battles hard water.

Thank you for manufacturing a quality product and operating a first class customer service department!”

Shawn Whitmore