One of the best things I’ve done for us, our pipes, and our home!

“We had talked about getting a water filtration system, but hadn’t. Then I met Audrey Jenkins at New Water Innovations and we decided to go for it. We got the Big Blue, NWI-GAC 8000 and the HydroFlow S38. I asked, “When will the systems change the water so we can drink from the faucet,” and she said “immediately.”  I have to say it’s one of the best things I have done for us, our pipes and our home. Instantly the water was better than some filtered, bottled water or the 5-gallon jugs. Some of the best water we have ever had. The taste was excellent and the showers and the bath supreme. 

Thank you, Audrey and New Water Innovations, for your service and answering all our question. You were professional and helped us to make the right decision.

Thank you for your service and for helping us decide on what system would work best for our family. We are so happy with the change.”

— Todd and Pamela

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