I am thrilled with my filtration system and with their follow up

“The home I purchased is in the Historic District, and every time The City would turn the water off and on in our area, very dirty water would come out of the faucets and into the toilets — sometimes for as long as a day. I needed a system that would remedy this problem and I was so happy when I found New Water Innovations. I made an appointment with the owner, Audrey Jenkins, to come to the house and explain the options available to me. I chose a whole house water filtration system which addressed all my water concerns — faucets, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker, bath and showers.

Audrey’s installer came and the house immediately presented its challenges of minimal crawl space with limited access and an internal foundation wall that appeared to block the route of the water line to the filtration unit. The installer was undaunted throughout the job. He moved forward with good humor and resolve while keeping the rooms he was working in immaculate. He then cleverly problem-solved the situation by neatly running the waterline through the machine room wall and into and across the back of the pantry shelving. Brilliant! He also taught me how to operate my vintage heating system.

I am thrilled with my filtration system and with Audrey’s followup. I cannot say enough good things about Audrey and New Water Innovations!”

— Angie’s List reviewer

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