The unit I purchased has a filter designed to last 10 years!

“I live in the city where the water is treated with chemicals, and I wanted them removed from my water. Audrey was very knowledgable and patiently explained the options.

I decided on a whole-house treatment system. I am thrilled with the results! Audrey showed me how the carbon filter works, and the amazing part was that the filter did not need to be changed every few months. The NWI unit I purchased has a filter designed to last 10 years!! That was a selling feature for me!

She showed me the units and explained clearly the technology behind how they function — I was very impressed. An appointment was set up with an installer, and promptly my new unit was installed at my house. Audrey explained that the unit is attached to the incoming cold water line and not only would my drinking water be filtered, but all the water in the house including in the shower. The public is not aware of the effects of showering in water containing chemicals. I couldn’t be happier with my choices at New Water Innovations.”

— Claire Lange

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