Professional approach and no hard sell

“I moved to Santa Fe a year and a half ago. I had lived here before and remembered the tap water was undrinkable so I would purchase bottled water. I decided to research my water solution options, and after a few phone calls to companies specializing in water treatment I was not finding what I wanted. By coincidence I was at Santa Fe By Design discussing water solutions, and was told to visit with Audrey at New Water Innovations. Her office was steps away.

My initial meeting with Audrey convinced me to consider the HydroFlow system. Audrey spent the time discussing and answering all of my questions to my satisfaction. There was no hard sell of the product. Her professional approach, attention to details, and confidence in her product was enough to convince me. The literature she provided confirmed my decision.

I installed the HydroFlow for hard water, and a whole home filtration system in November 2017, and I can’t praise it enough. From showers, baths, washing dishes, cooking and just drinking from the tap, it is remarkable! My friends are amazed how great it tastes and looks, And, my skin and hair have never felt or looked better.

It may have been meant to be, who knows — but I do know I am so very grateful to have had the referral and to walk the few steps to meet Audrey. I highly recommend that you visit and discuss all of our concerns with her. She will happily answer what she is clearly passionate about. Lucky for us here in Santa Fe!”

— Ava C. Blum

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